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It only seems impossible until you believe it's possible.

I’m bradley Charbonneau

Author, Speaker, Teacher

Welcome to Repossible

Repossible is a mantra, a roadmap, a way of life that knows we have a choice in our futures and dares to ask the bold question: Who Will You Be Next?


Read about how you can dare to decide who you will become next in the first book in the 11-book series, Repossible.


Every single week, we bring Repossible directly from our hearts into your ears–and deeper. 

Who will you be next?

From “dreaming of who I might become” to “This is who I am.”

We have these dreams that don’t go away. These visions of how our lives are “supposed to”  be. Yet, somehow, it didn’t quite materialize. Yet.

There's usually a choice. It's usually yours.

Sure, we at Repossible might be able to help.

But the choice, the action, the mindset, is up to you.

Join us, grow with us, share your story with us.

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes to see. When the distractions of life slip away, what do you see? Who do you become?

In-Person Events

When we’re finally allowed to roam the globe again, join us in person for a Repossible Retreat.


We can do retreats and write books and record video, but I’m going to just let the cat out of the bag right here and now: it’s really all about love.


The Repossible toolbox isn’t so much a metal case as it is a leather overnight bag. Where are you heading next?

You can say it, you can spell it, but what does Repossible really mean?

We at Repossible have been living, breathing, and dreaming with (and about) the word for years. How to best explain something is to experience it. But second best? A FAQ list. 

Is it possible? Or impossible?

It’s both, neither, and its own thing. It’s somewhere in the middle and not on the same parallel plane. It’s for you to discover.

Where can I learn more?

We have books, podcasts, videos, and more. Where do we source our content? From you. Join us.

Donec sollicitudin moletire malesuada.

Do I need to speak Latin to understand Repossible? No, but if your name is “Donec” and you’d like to “sollicitudin” with us, you’re more than welcome. 

Do we have all of the answers to everything?

No, we usually only have questions. But questions are the secret answers. If you can follow that logic, you’re invited to the after-party.

Do you take this seriously?

We at Repossible taking nothing seriously. It’s all a big game and we’re the players, the coaches, the referees, and the fans. No, seriously. 

About Me

I laugh. A lot. 

Did you know that that when you smile, when you laugh, your jaw opens and you can hear better?

Think about it.

You’re laughing and at the same time, you take more in, your input vents are open, and the world is whispering into your imagination.

So yeah, there’s a bit about me.

(The guy on a right is a dear friend–we laugh together all the time.)


“Bradley is an inspiration and a leader. He reminds each of us that we too can become consistent and unstoppable.” — Deanne Welsh

“The author’s friendly style and sense of humor won me over immediately.” — AdaMarie65

“After reading this book, there is no going back. I have no choice. I make artwork everyday and I am happy.” — Paige

Take it in. Let it out.

They don’t cost money. Only your time, energy, and passion.


The first book in the series is an overview of what’s to come.


Every single week we bringing the repossibilities directly into your ears.


Reading, listening, watching, and taking it all in is important but it’s even more important to get it out, let your voice be heard.

We’re better together.

 If there’s one thing that brings me more joy than creating, it’s co-creating. Through Repossible’s “Spark Campfire” program, we help parents write (short!) books together with their kids. Here’s my star student. She’s 8-years-old. 

The photo in the background? That’s my son in Arizona embracing the world (believe me, it doesn’t happen every day. He’s a 16-year-old boy after all…). 

Just want to say hi?

Send me a note. I’ll write you back.