Make the impossible possible again.

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Those stripes on my shirt? That's sweat. See that smile on my face? Smiling and sweating. Enjoying and working. [Paris]

Those stripes on my shirt? That’s sweat. See that smile on my face? Smiling and sweating. Enjoying and working. [Paris]

Hi, I’m Bradley Charbonneau and I am fluid. I’m flexible, I can learn, I can improve–I can change. My brain is elastic, my knowledge is only limited to what you can teach me, my dreams are what my heart whispers to me.

I’m not an expert. I’m not better than you–but I’m making progress. I’m just getting started–but I’m moving. I know nothing–but I’m curious about everything. I’m on the path towards change and this is my journey. Wanna come along for the ride?

Is it really impossible? Maybe it’s just not easily possible. What’s between the possible and the impossible? What is it going to take to make what you want possible again? Is it as simple as approaching the challenge from a different angle? Maybe it’s just some good old-fashioned hard work? Drive? Will? Desire? Knowledge? Skill? Direction? Maybe you don’t know yet. Maybe it used to be possible, but you just don’t know how to make it work anymore. But you’re willing to try. If you can take a fresh look at the road blocks, maybe you can transform them into detours–but get to your destination.

That’s re-engineering the impossible. We’re making impossible possible again. It’s called repossible.

  • Priorities: It’s usually a choice. What’s yours going to be?
  • Perspective: From another angle, is it so blinding?
  • Perseverance: Do you have the stamina? Do you at least have more than the guy next to you?

What’s often between what someone wants and actually getting there is a combination of desire (want, need), will (determination, drive), skill (the capacity), but also knowledge (how to do it). I’m an expert at helping people learn what they need to do to achieve what they’d like to achieve. I’m especially good in helping people achieve what they didn’t think they could. It has a lot to do with being an attentive listener and a patient instructor. I also just like telling people the inside scoop on what they usually think are some magical secrets.

“Repossible finds a way.” — John Muldoon

In my “I Lost. Now What?” article, I “lost” a contest. Here’s how we see that through the repossible philosophy:

  1. Possible: lose yesterday’s contest.
  2. Impossible: win yesterday’s contest.
  3. Repossible: win tomorrow’s contest.