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Repossible | Play - Repossible

Get off the bench, out of your mind, and into the game

“Work consists of whatever a body is obliged to do. Play consists of whatever a body is not obliged to do.”

— Mark Twain

I couldn’t have written this book back in 2012 when I began to Write Every Day. Sure, I knew the word Play but it was more in the sense of a game, usually with a basketball or maybe dice.

Frankly, back on November 1, 2012, I couldn’t have written any of the books in the Repossible series. I was at a point of desperation, of overwhelm, of cloudy and muddy thoughts about the future.

I could only function, I could barely get words onto a page, I was surviving, dreaming of thriving but happy to get by.

So the concept of play back then was untouchable, unreachable, impossible.

I begin with this as I don’t take the concept of play lightly.

Ha, that’s a joke.

Lightly is exactly how I now approach it.

In fact, lightly is the only way you’re going to get anywhere near the mindset, the philosophy, the elevated level of play.

The Repossible Series isn’t in a strict order but a few of the concepts do usually need to come before the others. For most of us mere mortals, Play needs to come after Surrender.

To accept the idea that Play is OK, that’s it’s acceptable, and, hold onto your hats, that it’s the desired level of our life’s regular status, takes some daring, some decision making, and some surrendering.

I fully realize that I am making excuses for this enchanted level of awareness but that’s only to appease the me of the past, that guy who would have heard of the idea of Play and scoffed and gotten back to work.

But that was then. That was him.

This is now. This is you.

If you’re this far, if you want to elevate to the level of Play, you’re probably already here.

Let’s see if I can define it or at least dance around the concept enough to entice you to waltz onto the stage and join us.

The easiest way to describe it is to go back in time. Way back. To you as a child when life was simple, had very few responsibilities and the drama in your life perhaps revolved around topics relating to toast, bicycle tires, and laughing.

At the Play level of Repossible, there is lots of laughing.

There are also smiles, winks, and inside jokes.

It’s as if the world, as if our world, is a playground. A place where we frolic and even giggle.

Yes, I said it. Giggle.

Listen here, tough-guy reader. I dare you, I challenge you, I double-dare you to giggle.

You can do it on your own. You can quickly get over it in the car on the highway or maybe it’s better to wait until you’re parked.

It’s a sly laugh. It’s a knowing smile. It’s a feeling, an awareness of a higher level of self.

I saw a bumper sticker once that said something like:

“If you’re not in awe you’re not paying attention.”

— Bumper Sticker

There’s a childlike wonder. A deep curiosity. A state of mind you have–or have had–so you know it’s there but you may no longer believe it’s real.

Sort of like Santa Claus.

I’m not here to say that Santa Claus is real.

I’m here to say that Play is real.

It’s up to you to find it.

Here, take my hand. I know the way.

  • Possible: work
  • Impossible: neither work or play
  • Repossible: play