Every day, same time, same chair, same computer. Different words. Go.

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Set it in stone: same place, same time, same you.

Set it in stone: same place, same time, same you. [Antelope Canyon, Arizona]

It might sound mundane and repetitive, but you’ll build a habit and you’ll even associate that time in the day, that chair or desk or spot as your writing spot. Just as you associate, say, coffee with waking up and starting your day, this spot is what you associate with writing.

It doesn’t matter where or how or what, just that you have your spot.

It might be in the basement or at a cafe, maybe a favorite table. It just has to be consistent. Your brain will start to associate that place and time with what you’re doing. If you’re a creative writer, the creative  part of your brain will wake up and get moving when you’re at this spot at this time.

“I only write when inspiration strikes. Fortunately it strikes at nine every morning.” — William Faulkner

If you don’t already do this, try it for a week, but be consistent. Keep it up. Same time, same place. See how it goes.

Is this how you write? What other techniques do you follow for your writing habit? Or maybe you, gasp, write in a different place and at a different time every day? Do tell.[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]