It all depends on where you’re standing.

When I was having trouble with one of my clients who was not respectful of my time, I asked my father for his advice. My father, a smart and business savvy man who loves giving advice through stories, asked if I had ever heard about the little boy in the row boat …

A little boy is rowing his boat straight into the path of an ocean liner backing out of port. The little boy hears yelling and screaming behind him, stands up and turns around in his boat to see what the disturbance is. He sees a man on the deck of the ocean liner waving his arms and yelling at the boy “Hey, you in the row boat, you’re in our way! Move!” The little boy yells back to the man on the ocean liner “Who are you?” to which the man replies “Well, I’m the first mate of this ship and I’m telling you to get out of our way!” Standing tall in his row boat the little boy replied, “Well, I’m the captain of this ship and I telling you that YOU should move.”

My father said, “You are the captain of your ship, Pam, now act like it.”

Not only did this story help me to be a better small business owner but it empowered me to create a business that I loved. Acting like the captain of my “ship” has made all the difference.

I challenge you to be the captain of your ship, and act like it when running your small business. It will make all the difference.

  • Possible: jump.
  • Impossible: mutiny.
  • Repossible: captain.

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Be the Captain of your Ship

It’s your ship. What are you going to do?