There’s just this one little thing you need to succeed.

This was all clear to me this morning. To enter the world of the Repossible, we’re going to need some tools. Well, really just one tool or skill or talent or practice. Here it comes, no holding back, no big introduction or fanfare:


There you have it. Define it how you like, it can be just about anything:

  • Sitting, eyes closed, quiet,
  • Walking through the forest (or beach or city or anywhere),
  • Working out,
  • Listening to music,
  • You get the idea.

It’s just your time, a time of peace, quiet, reflection, awareness, clarity. Hmm, actually, maybe there are two things. Because meditation on its own isn’t going to really cut it. You also need:


Because if you have clarity then you can do pretty much anything. Although it could be argued that you can achieve clarity¬†through meditation, which is a valid point. But with clarity, you know what to do (although you might not even know–or care–why) and you have the energy to do it because it’s all clear in your mind. Remember meditation? That other thing that was at first glance the One Thing you needed to succeed with Repossible? Yes, so meditation and clarity. With that combination on a regular basis, you’re all set.

Did I say regular basis?


OK, fine. Although magical lightning strikes some people during a meditation or a moment of clarity (again with the lightning?) and they can call it a day (or even a life), for most of us, it’s going to take some practice. How often? Ooh, I was hoping you’d ask that. How does Every Single Day work for you? Sorry, I just can’t help it. You write a book on a subject and it tends to just come up in conversation. But a regular practice is how we exponentially build on whatever it is we’re focusing on.


I didn’t say focus did I? This episode started out with One Thing and now we’re up to four. Isn’t focus the same as clarity? No. Clarity is just that: being able to see, think, hear, listen, and know what to do. But then, wait, is that the dog barking? Is someone out front? Yeah, that. There’s focus. Clarity means you have a clean front windshield but focus is knowing the path to get there or at least that you know what it is and won’t deviate (much) from it. It’s not that this is limiting or tunnel vision, because an essential part of all of this is, of course, being open to new things, new paths, and, uh oh, here comes another One Thing.


Great, you’re meditating, have some clarity of goals, you’re working towards it on a regular basis and your focus is sharp and you know where you’re going. So not that they’re detours or side paths or distractions, but are you open to new ideas, new methods, even things that maybe you think you’d otherwise be completely opposed to? What if I said that to achieve your dreams you had to abandon sugar for 30 days and meditate for 15 minutes every morning at 6:30? If you’re open to other input, it will make the journey that much more fluid.


Yeah, I mentioned “other input” and I should have known this was coming. Sure, you can do all of this alone. Yep, get it. Been there, done that. Remember that last bit? Open? What if I said that going it together with others would make it more fun, more successful, faster, easier, and just plain better? Remember: open. I dare say that this one might be the closest to The One Thing that I’ve come to yet. See, I’m trying to walk the talk: I’m open to not knowing the One Thing and learning as I go.

But there really is just one thing. I’m not sure if it’s the right thing or if there even is a “right” One Thing or wrong One Thing, but it’s probably more that you have your One Thing and I have my One Thing and that’s all good. But now with six things that are vying for the One Thing title, I’m going to crush it all with a concept that I haven’t touched on much and it might fly and it might not. But hey, I’m open to it, right? I’ll just blurt it out as it’s coming through me so clearly now and it wanted to rear its head already several One Things ago.


I’m going to go out on a limb and be so bold as to say that without curiosity, I’m not sure we’re living. Well, sure, breathing and heart beating and all that, but Repossible is about more, greater, deeper, further. Beyond.

I do want more. I don’t need more socks or stuff. I want connection. I thrive on creativity and creation. I want to know more, share more, learn more, give more, be more.

Without curiosity, I have none of that. Or let me put it this way, without curiosity, none of that matters.

There. I have it. One Thing. Maybe not your One Thing and maybe my One Thing will change over time, but today, on the crest of change in my life with a horizon ahead of sparkling lights and peaks to ascend, I have the most powerful force in my universe: curiosity.

I’m going to leave it at that.

For now.